Finances causing you stress?

Everyone stresses over finances. It’s just a part of life, we all have worries about our future and how we will pay the bills. No matter our level of wealth it can be a worry in the back of our minds. There is a potential for that worry to manifest itself as frustration and the most common place to get frustrated is behind the wheel.

There are many websites online promising to ease these financial burdens and help you make easy money. 99.9999% of them are scams and most people are savvy enough to recognise that. With that in mind I wanted to point out a legitimate money making opportunity that I have been enjoying myself lately.

This site is called Oddsmonkey and it doesn’t promise to make you money but it gives you the tools and training to be able to go and make it yourself. It is a matched betting service. If you haven’t heard of matched betting then you can read about it on wikipedia here. It isn’t gambling so there is no risk to our money. The way we make money from this technique is by taking advantage of free bets offered by the bookmakers.

After signing up to a new bookmaker they will¬† give you a free bet. Using some clever software and maths we can lock in a profit from these bets completely risk free. I don’t really understand the maths but the great thing is you don’t need to understand it. All you need to do is place 2 bets on the same event. This covers all outcomes and allows us to win every time because its a free bet.

There are other matched betting sites out there like Profit Accumulator but I have found these to be poor in comparison to oddsmonkey.

Once you get signed up for a free trial they will teach you how to make around £50 profit. After that you can sign up for a premium account and start making money every single day. There are thousands of members inside on the forums and many of them are making 4 figure sums every month from matched betting!

This extra cash every month has made a huge difference to my life and really eased my monthly money worries. I usually make enough to pay my bills meaning all of my wage from my day job is free for me to save or use as I want. This has been completely life changing. I fully recommend checking this service out if you are in the UK. I’m unsure how it works for other countries but probably worth looking into as I see no reason this method can’t be applied elsewhere.

So if money worries are something that is stressing you out then this is well worth looking into.

The following video I found on Youtube explains it better than I could so it’s definitely worth a watch if you want to know more about how it works.